Hunza Valley, one of the spectacular mountainous places, is situated in the north of Pakistan coming under the province of Gilgit Baltistan. The beauty of this place is such that one can never get enough of the scenic view that it has to offer from every nook and corner.


While it is said that northern Pakistan’s beauty can be compared to that of Switzerland, it is often seen as a exaggeration. The true measure of it cannot be justified until one has really seen and experienced with his/her naked eye. Hunza serves to be the heart of natural beauty of Northern Pakistan. As close as it seems, the endless mountains and lush greenery looks like another beautiful artificial background that the whole valley is surrounded by. Encompassing the whole boundary, one may get the impression of being followed with the mesmerizing view. The weather itself is a cherry on top when it is very pleasant and easy to roam in the street at noon without a tinge of sweat. Pollution and smoke is a no no situation which the mountains seem to have swallowed. Hours can go by gazing the view nature has to offer and the fatigue of the long road trip will be long forgotten.


Not only does the place admire you with its landscape but the people are equally hostile and welcoming to their small town. Greetings and warm smiles await one’s way while bypassing their territory. Those cheery like cheeks of little ones will always forward their hand with a blooming smile. The place holds their pride which they are more than happy to showcase.


Hunza lives up to its tradition with their local shops in the market selling their own handmade things. For those in search of real stones and traditional items, Hunza market will not be a place of disappointment.  Ranging from hand carved spoons to traditional local jewelery, the market has every sort of items to choose from. The rich display of stones overcome to bling of city malls. Along with a wide variety of local items, the streets provide a safe environment to stroll in the market exploring the place in its depth.  Serving fresh bar-be-que adds up to the feel of open space. One of the places, Café De Hunza serves a wide range of food and drinks with a warm ambiance. From Hunza tea to walnut cakes, it caters to a very large number of people every day. The place also has a roof top for those who want to admire the view. It also offers homemade honey and oils to take home in their purest form.  It is often stuffed at any hour of the day.

Baltit fort

For the love of art and history, the Baltit Fort is a must visit. Rich with history, one can imagine the life back then. The rich textures, detailed carving, intimacy of rooms, and especially techniques used urge to dig deeper into the history. The tales and stories of the place as narrated by the guide can make one picture the whole scenario at every point.  Adding up to the historical elements, the breathtaking view will leave one in awe of the place. From the highest point, Karakoram highway can also be seen tearing apart its way between the mountains. The fort does not fall in the category of the boring history that such places usually get tagged into.

To sum up, Hunza is one of the significant places in the Switzerland of Pakistan. A pleasing getaway from all the hassle of civic life, the place will form a perfect combination of peace and beauty.