The capital city of Malaysia, KL offers a blend of cultural and modern life to the variety of ethnicity living there. Despite being a Muslim country, Malaysia offers a wide of flexibility in food, shopping, and tourism. This is one of the reasons of Malaysia’s increasing tourism levels.

Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia, accommodates various lifestyles of ethnic groups from all over the world. To do so, the city has to offers an affordable lifestyle for every class. From high tech cars to pedestrians, local brands’ malls to international brands, street food to lavish restaurants and five star hotels -it is what you choose. Hence, this flexibility makes the tourists comfortable in enjoying the city to their fullest.

One of the very fascinating aspects of the city is its step forward towards development. This encompasses the great architectural advancements made through recent years. Not only the fascinating tall buildings, but the lush greenery and cleanliness are what contribute to the overall environment that it creates. The city wakes up before 7am and sleeps at 11pm when everything is seen to be shut altogether. While looking out of the hotel room at 7am, one maybe mistaken with their cup of coffee in hand. The energy of morning is so vigorous that one wouldn’t want to sleep after 7am.
KL provides with various city tours which make one witness the grandeur scenery of the city of its architecture encircled by the natural vegetation.  Clean double deck bus available with free WiFi leaves at 9am sharp halting at every stop loading and unloading people. The service is offered and valid from 9am to 9pm. The tour shows around interesting places around the city which can often go unseen.  One of those places is Kuala Lumpur city gallery which has 2500 visitors per day. The site itself is surrounded by various historic buildings standing tall across one another. This beautifully designed places offers not only a spectacular viewing experience but souvenirs to take back home. The city model show adds a touch of glam to the whole tour whereby the future upcoming projects in KL city are also showcased. The mini café offers their local food with mouthwatering shakes and smoothies to calm the heat.

Moving along the city, another interesting place, convention center puts up an entertaining marine life show, Aquaria. The underwater life is home to 150 species. The place is a full package with the splendor site of PETRONAS Twin Towers. Not to miss the nature, KL Bird Park and Butterfly Park are an escape to a different world. Home to more than 3000 birds the concept of free flight brings out a child in every person. The mesmerizing place is a perfect example of nature’s gift. The city also caters to many historic places with museums and mosques with rich interiors.

The shopping spree that one cannot resist keeps one on their toes. Times Square being the home to many local brands is one happening place to live at. Cheap shopping with countless options is like dream come true. Berjaya tower entails a hotel, shopping mall, indoor themed park all under one roof. Offering a 7-storey high roller coaster, the mall is a fascination in its own.  The connecting doors give access to every link throughout the place making it easy to move around. Local brands give a tough match to international brands by giving cheap prices. Leaving the home county with two suitcases and coming back with four may seem very much reasonable considering the reasonable shopping the city has to offer. However, there are also many other branded outlets from all over the world.

Not to forget the most wanted attraction of the city, PETRONAS Twin Tower is one breath taking view at night. Watching the building up-close triggers all the senses at once.  The bling of lights and the height cannot be justified with pictures. A place where getting inside is not even remembered until some good quality time. Kuala Lumpur catering to tourists from all over the world is a rising city for coming generations too.