How to have stress free plane journey with your kids

1)- Baby Bag Essentials (hand carry) :
Always carry three set of extra clothing for infants . For toddlers 2 sets of extra clothing . Their one favorite toy or book and mini blanket apart from other basic diapers and milk.

2)- During Take-Off & Landing :
Engage your infant or toddler with a pacifier or preferably a bottle of milk or water, during these both crucial times as they don’t know how to deal with blocked ears and is a huge distress for parents. This way their ears won’t get blocked .

3)- Once the plane takes off:
Take off their shoes, socks, jackets, whatever lighten them up . From too much stuffing and covering kids become cranky as well.

4)- Do not give your babies syrups that sedate for easier journey . That’s highly risky no matter what anyone tells you.

5)- Let them socialize, hold their hands and wander a bit even if it’s to the loo . Do not be strict stuck up parent who never leave their seats no matter how much a kid needs them too .

6)- Keep their favorite candies or toys for those moments you know they are about to throw a tantrum and embarrass the hell out of you in front of everyone .

7)- Always keep children panadol and it’s best if you give a few drops mixed in their milk bottle at the time of landing because they do get headaches and body aches as well and it will help them put at ease and also help in sleeping, but again no sedatives !

8)- When a baby is crying and you don’t know what he/she wants :
There could be a number of reasons
Check his diaper?
Check if he/she is hungry?
Still crying?
Rub his/her belly gently could be colic.
Don’t panic you can always ask for help around 

9)- Always keep baby first aid kit with you while traveling this should include
Band aid
One baby syrup in case of bad tummy (check with your pediatrician)
Colic drops

I hope my experience might help someone have a better plane journey.