“An average travel holiday cost is not more than 1500$ for a single person if you add two in it, it may reach to 2500$ or you can even budget it to 2000$ .”

Let’s say you want to plan 2 holidays in A year !

But the challenge is, How to come up with 2000$-3000$ ?
With these little efforts you can actually achieve this goal and make your travel dreams come true …

Set six month saving goals

a)- Hide your credit cards / debit cards
Only carry limited cash on daily basis which gives you enough for emergency situations not more than PKR 1000/-

b)- Let your whole monthly earning go into savings and only take enough chunk out that pays for your bills.

c)- Cut out on your everyday take outs and expensive restaurant meals on regular basis.

d)- Shopping? We are guilty of it!
I believe you can find much better prices and stuff when on a holiday, so I for once never shop from here. I use that money in saving and instead buy my stuff from where I’m traveling to. This way you can fill your lust for shopping when on a holiday also not spending on extra things because you ll be buying good stuff you need which is clothes etc that you haven’t bought for a while.
(As people mostly shop all the time then go on a holiday and for the heck of it shop extra, so adjust shopping here to only shopping there!!)
Will save you a quite big chunk .

e)- Ladies!! cut on extra salon/spa days believe me you ll find yourself saving plenty

f)- How about instead of going to gym and paying extra you rather take a good run ?
(It’s not extreme believe me we pay extra for so many things we don’t even need)
If you are passionate about traveling you gotta let go of some things that maybe less prior
Plus everything has a less expensive alternative 

g)- Believe it or not in 6 months you ll have enough savings to treat yourself to a new destination and if you are earning well then you can try this refresher every 3 months !!

Thank Me by sharing these tips with your friends and family 🙂