Our journey started from Pakistan and we opted for Thai Airways. I find it very spacious and comfortable.
Yes you might not be a fan of the food they serve as it’s very bland, something we Pakistanis are not a fan of. Also make sure you request for Muslim meal at the time of booking your ticket.

We reached Sydney around 9pm Australian time after a 14 hours journey with 1.5 hours transit in Thailand.
We further caught an additional flight to Brisbane from Sydney.
Travel time: 1h 30m through Virgin Australia.

Brisbane is gorgeous, I love the weather , it’s never too cold or too hot yes humidity is bad in summers but that’s because they don’t have ozone layer and sun burns right through your skin, but the good part is, it’s always windy.

Activities in Brisbane:

Don’t miss out on SouthBank, it’s a gorgeous place with a huge wheel of Brisbane followed by a lake and food vendors and all kinds of different cuisines, also weekend markets and ferry rides . And if you are lucky you might witness the best fireworks ever at night. Also you will come across a man made beach and water park.

Story Bridge is Beautiful!!! During the day or night it never fails to mesmerize you

Queen Street Mall is the perfect place to shop for all your favorite brands from cheapest to most expensive, you will find everything there!! Right in the CBD.
Also you will find Westfield with everything you need.

Finding Halal food is sometimes difficult but you’ll find Coles bakery items to be mostly Halal
KFC, McDonald’s none are Halal
Subway is Halal .. Nandos is Halal
And all kebab shops are Halal
You can also find some very good Lebanese and Afghani food, it’s a bit pricey but totally worth it in South Bank.

There is a very interesting dinosaur museum in the city not to be missed .

If you are into theme parks don’t miss onto Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie world.

Also there is a tourist party city just an hour away from Brisbane known as Gold Coast is totally worth the visit.

Traveling through trains is much easier than taxis or Uber as they are very pricey.

I was accompanied by my 8 month old.
Note : Brisbane is very child friendly I love how they have activities and days care facilities and play areas  everywhere.