Traveling with kids is always a different experience and a much stressful one for the couples . Be it the first time or 100th time I m always stressing before a holiday even though I’ve taken uncountable holidays with my bub.

So here is how you can calm your nerves and prepare yourself well !!

1)- Always keep your luggage bags separate. I always find it much easier to hold two luggage bags for us . One for me and one for my bub. Be efficient. This way nothing gets mixed . And I can quickly find stuff around. No Mess !

2)- Take Your Time : When with kids , always be much patient there is no point in rushing and trying to exit ahead and quickly after landing , I find it much easier to wait till the plane is empty then compose myself and leave with my kid. No ones pushing you or rushing you.

3)- Always carry a stroller even if you kid is up till 6 years old I would recommend a stroller comes in handy . You can’t pick a kid in a mall or airport for 5 hours or let them sleep on your shoulder and walk that’s just not happening. With a stroller they can sleep eat drink all in it and be less tired and less cranky.

4)- Picking Your destination traveling with a child is very important ! Keeping all factors like weather , travel time , local flights knowing if it won’t become a stress . With kids you don’t want much hassle as it becomes exhausting . You mite want to plan and stick with one destination rather doing 3/4 at one time unless you are traveling through Europe
Always pick tropical weather so much better than winters and cold . You can almost do everything and anything and enjoy to the fullest !

5)-Plan your days in a way that your bub gets rested well in the afternoons or evenings . Planning a whole long day and staying out for more than 8 hours is very tiring for kids . So always take short breaks back to your room let them walk and run freely and be wild .

6)-It’s always better while traveling with a kid you pick a suite or an apartment as one regular hotel room can be very suffocating for the two of us but in your case it could be three or four or five so hotel apartments or Air bnb is a much better spacious option .