If there is any country in the world with richly colorful culture in every form, it is Japan. Whether it is food, beautiful landscapes, their lifestyle or the wildlife, you will experience it to be rich and captivating in every way.

In case, you are planning to visit Japan in the coming future, you have arrived at the right place. Let us tell you the 7 must experiences that you need to put on your list for a visit to Japan.

1.     Trekking in the Hills:

Hiking is one of the favorite activities of the Japanese. The Japanese countryside is full of hiking spots that are filled with people on the weekends as those spots are easily accessible from the public transport. So pack up some raincoats and hiking boots.

A Temple in Nikko

You will not want to miss out on the bamboo forests, pristine lakes and hidden temples that the hills have to offer. Honshu, Nikko, Kyoto are some of the places that you should look out for if you’re planning for a hike trip.

2.     Delightful Food:

Japan offers a memorable culinary experience. Every restaurant, big or small, offers an amusing experience for the foodies. Japanese cuisine has a Bento Box meal deals that you will love, especially for lunches on-the-go.

Sushi-Oriental Cuisine

Sushi, Katsu curry, Tempura Vegetables, Hachinoko (wasp larvae), Hida Beef, you name it and it is available on the streets of Japan.

Here are some of the places that serve Halal food in Japan:
·         Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka
·         Naritaya (Asakusa)
·         MenyaKaijin
·         Honolu Ebisu
·         Ayam-YA Okachimachi


3.     The Japanese Wilderness:

Japan’s wild frontier, Hokkaido, is a must place to visit especially in the winters. This is the place to see a two-storey ice carving of Hello Kitty.

Hokkaido is Japan’s one of the largest and least populated regions. This has the country’s best Ski Resort Niseko. There’s outdoor rock pools, some oldest national parks, lavender fields in the summers, mountains and lakes and you might spot some brown bears as well in the summers.

4.     Tradition of Kyoto:

If you want to experience the true Japan, go to Kyoto. It encapsulates the Japanese experience that we have all imagined it to be. Immerse yourself in a course of calligraphy, tea-ceremony, sake-tasting or kimono wearing.

Sensoji Temple – Kyoto

Experience the worlds of geisha and maiko in Gion after dark. Walk through more than 5000 orange-red shrine gates of Fushimi Inari Tarisha.

5.     Sakura – cherry blossom:

Spring in Japan means a sea of cherry blossom all across the country. The national flower of Japan, Sakura, is a delightful view in spring. The delicate buds last only two weeks, but the offer some magical sights.

The Japanese celebrate the blossoming of the flower with Hanami – blossom-watching parties where they dance, eat and drink under the branches.

Kyoto is a good place to see the blooms, the abundant shrines (such as calming Heian-jingu) and parks. Maruyama-Koen has a beautiful pink canopy. Tokyo has Inokashira and Ueno parks to enjoy the blooms. There’s even a Sakura festival held in the castle town of Hirosaki.

Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the true Japanese culture that you’ve planned to see.