Bali, an Indonesian Island, is known for volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs and much more. The beauty that Bali is doesn’t just end at the nature; it also lies in its culture and everything it has to offer. Traveling to Bali shouldn’t be that expensive, right?

There are loads of activities that you can do in Bali for free and here is a list of them:

Go Camping:

For nature-lovers, camping is always on their list to experience once in their life. Well, an island like Bali with such beautiful landscape is the perfect place to sleep in the heart of nature with the sound of crickets under the bare sky. Save on hotels and luxury resorts! The island is full of excellenct camping sites: Mount Agung, Bukit Asah, Nyang Nyang beach and many more.


The best thing about Bali is that you can enjoy the gorgeous beaches; it is actually the best thing about any Island though. However, the beaches in Bali are mostly free including Kuta and Seminyak. The others cost less than a dollar. If you want to do more than just swimming and sunbathing, you might have to spend some money on water sports like snorkeling or jet-skiing. But it will be worth it!

Observe the Festivals:

Bali is very rich in celebrating their traditional festivals, so much so that they have more holidays than anyone else in the country. So, it is very likely that whenever you visit Bali, you might get to witness and experience their amazing festivals, Like: Galungan and Kuningan, Ogoh-Ogoh, Nusa Dua Fiesta, Nyepi eve and many more festivals.

Go Hike the Hills:

If you’re adventurous enough, you can go for a hike to appreciate the nature of Bali even more up-close. The lush-green tropical jungles, warm sunshine, the fresh breeze and a vibrant wildlife, Bali’s hikes have so much to offer without any money. The Campugan Ridge will offer a panoramic view of Ubud that you will fall in love with.

Watch Sunset:

Uluwatu, Tegal Wangi, Kuta and other western-facing beaches are the perfect spots to witness amazingly beautiful sunsets. Just sit back, relax and witness life’s miracles happening right in-front of you.

Cliff-diving and Dipping down the Waterfalls:

The numerous waterfalls in Bali offer an adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. Dive from the cliff into the cool water or glide-down the waterfall slide.

Walk Through a Rice Field:

The most soothing activity that you must to is walk through the scenic rice terrace. The green will calm your sight, the breeze will brush the warm sunlight away and you will be soothed internally. Plus, you can take artsy pictures for the gram, for free!

All these activities require no or very little money and offer endless memorable moments. Definitely worth visiting Bali!